Sony PS3

Sony PS3 Playstation3 Prices & Accessories Shopping Guide

Sony PS3 system console prices accessories and info shopping guide.

Sony PS3 Prices & Information

Sony PS3

Playstation 3 Information:
  • Sony PS3 Launch Date: November 17th, 2006.
  • Sony PS3 Cost: see below.
  • PS3 Console Specs and Info: Cell processor @ 3.2 GHz; RSX graphics processor (GPU) @ 550 MHz with Full HD 1080P output resolution; 40 or 80GB hard drive; CD/DVD and BluRay disk drive; Full HD 1080P resolution; USB, MemoryStick, SD , and Compact Flash slots; ethernet Wi-Fi and Bluetooth wireless; digital surround sound.
PS3 console prices:

PS3 Accessories and Games

PS3 Accessories

  • For PS3 Accessories and Games, please see

See retailers' sites for up-to-date Playstation 3 pricing and product specs.

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