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Sharp AQUOS LCD Flat Panel Televisions

. Sharp AQUOS LCD televisions combine versatility, portability, and performance in an elegant package.

Key Features:

  • Thin, lightweight design.
  • Crystal clear picture quality - new backlight technology increases brightness and image clarity.
  • High brightness - Models with Advanced Super View panel with black TFT anti-glare coating are bright enough to view even near a window.
  • Up to 170 Degree Viewing Angle from a Flat Screen.
  • Connections include component video, composite video, S-Video, RF Antenna.
  • Energy Efficient - consumes 60% less power than the same size conventional tv.
  • Wide range of models, from cheap 19 inch models to large lcd tvs with screens over 60 inches.


20 Inch Sharp AQUOS LCD Flat Screen Televisions

22 inch sharp aquos tvs

26 Inch Sharp AQUOS Widescreen LCD Televisions

30 inch sharp aquos tvs
30 Inch Sharp Aquos TV

32 Inch Widescreen Sharp AQUOS LCD Televisions

37 inch sharp aquos tvs
37 Inch Sharp Aquos TV

37 Inch Widescreen Sharp AQUOS LCD Televisions

40+ Inches Widescreen Sharp AQUOS LCD Televisions

50+ Inches Widescreen Sharp AQUOS LCD Televisions

60+ Inches Widescreen Sharp AQUOS LCD Televisions


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Guide to Sharp Aquos Models

What is 'HDTV'
HDTV is High Definition Television. HDTV models have screen resolution of at least 720p and a built-in HD tuner.

What is '1080P'?
1080P refers to the screen resolution (1,080 lines of vertical resolution, or full high definition). By contrast, 720P has only 720 lines of resolution. The "P" indicates Progessive Scan, as opposed to Interlaced which would be denoted by an "I".

What does the word 'Class' mean with regards to lcd tvs?
Some televisions might be described as "46 Inch Class". This just means the screen size has been rounded to the nearest whole number. For example, the exact size of the 46 Inch Class tv might actually be 45 63/64 inches (45.98 inches).

What does 120Hz mean?
This is the rate at which the television refreshes the picture. Standard sets operate at 60Hz. So a 120Hz unit refreshes at twice the standard rate, which is intended to reduce motion blur for fast-moving content thus giving a smoother picture.

What are the best lcd tvs?
Currently, the top of the line new lcd tv models have screen resolutions of 1080P with 120Hz refresh rates.

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