DVD Burner Consumer Guide

Guide to dvd-rw drives covering features and specs, buying decisions, and pictorial installation how-to.


Guide to DVDRW Drives

DVD Burner Buying Guide

We explain the different features to look for when selecting a dvd writer.

Topics include:

  • DVD Formats (DVD-RAM, DVD-RW, DVD+RW, DVD±RW, Double Layer DVDs, etc).
  • Speed (The X Factor; e.g. 8X, 16X, 32X).
  • Internal or External (FireWire versus USB versus IDE).
  • Brands (Sony, Memorex, generics, etc).

DVD Burner Installation Guide

Using photographs of an actual installation, we explain how to install an internal DVD or CD Drive

Special Topics include:

  • DVD Drive Jumper Settings (Master, Slave, or Cable Select).
  • Cable Connections (Power, Data, and Audio cables).

How to Copy DVD Movies

Learn how to make backups of your dvd movies. Copy to DVDRW, hard drives, or flash memory.

Special Topics include:

  • Copy protection issues.
  • Shrinking the file size when copying movies.
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